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The Japanese latex label Kurage was established at Ikebukuro in TOKYO since 2005.Led by chief designer Kid'O the company is known worldwide for amazing show around the world.The abundance of colors,structures and details which can be seen at Kurage , is unparalleled in the world. We picked up ancient and traditional elements and created brand new of it.

"Kurage has been producing various experimental out-fit. Now the surroundings of Kurage is ready, and I will try to realize the fantastic fetish world of my own, that I have desired for long time. Basically I produce my work of art by pulling out the images which come in my head, in order to create my ideal fetish world. When will it end? What will be the final form? I have no answers to those. As of now,I am just moving ahead with the power of latex,which will inevitably turn my fantasies into reality."

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