The Clean & Care Experts

Passion - the drive
Perfection - the narrative

Black latex clothing close up
Sexy woman in latex dress in front of cinema lights
Sexy woman in latex leggings
Sexy woman in leather skirt
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Sexy woman in vinyl / PVC dress
Sexy woman in vinyl / PVC dress
The Clean & Care Experts

Exclusive fashion must leave an impression - immediately and everywhere. According to this mantra, beGLOSS has been offering the highest quality care for outfits from latex to leather to patent and much more besides since 2015.

Originated as an idea of Andreas Neichel, the founder and CEO, who after years of experience in the fashion business wanted a high-quality and clear option for cleaning and care of fetish clothing. In cooperation with a team of experts with more than 45 years of professional experience, the Latex Polish came into being. Driven by its success, latex cleaning products followed, the special beGLOSS Wipe, protective sprays and cleaners for wetlook, lacquer and leather, and much more. Now available worldwide, with locations on 4 continents, beGLOSS has become one of the highest quality and most popular care brands in the field of fetish wear.

Now, with the beGLOSS Academy, we want to contribute further to ensuring that your style always looks perfect. Because the fact is: even the best products are of little help if they are used incorrectly. Whether it's due to lack of experience or ingrained habits, our academy will show you quickly and entertainingly how to properly clean and care for your items to always look perfect. The Clean & Care Experts.

Because only the right care lets your style shine in full splendor! Expert tips from The Clean & Care Experts!